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I hope I can help others out there – talking about your problem is the first step.’ Oghosa, from London, was just 14-years-old when her addiction began, in 2006.She says porn was dangerously easy for her to access.People here, who masturbate themselves, would advise you to do it too; and a few of those who doesn't, would tell you not to do it.

It relieves tension, and plus it's YOUR own body.I'm not an expert but this is what I learn from other people who this kind of thing. I just got my first period last Sunday and it went away on friday.I used to masturbate alot before my period but im scared now incase it will be different or something bad will happen?is it okay to carry on as normal or what should i do ? You can masturbate at any point of time when you are in mood and want to shed out the stress to get relax.