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If your idea of a winter “date” is eating Chinese food with your chick on the couch, it’s safe to assume she’ll get bored and leave you/your pork-fried rice for someone more exciting.Yes, it’s winter, and yes it’s unbearably cold, but girls love “activities.” Here are 10 non-couch-potato ideas to keep your dating life afloat this winter.Winter is a time for introspection, reflection, eating a lot of cookies, and falling into a state of weird, depressive hermitude that may lead you to consider the Winter Boyfriend.Loneliness is a real, quantifiable feeling, and it amplifies in the period after The Holidays.Rather than escaping to somewhere warm for a winter vacation, embrace the season by taking a long drive and renting a lake house or log cabin. Leave your laptops at home and turn off your cell phone for the weekend.

1000s of interesting people are ready to share your interests and love experience!Technically, there are four seasons, but I like to think of Winter and The Holidays as two distinct entities.The Holidays are their own special thing — a whirlwind of lights and fun and being hungover at the office on a Wednesday.Classy Coats You can still be warm and be alluring with awesome outwear like a classy coat. Well men seem to be into two specific kinds."Black coats!They are warm, sleek and sliming too," said Shraga, 22Style is important, too.