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The space is open for whatever the employees want to make it, but we believe that the intercompany element really helps drive a forward thinking positive/honest culture.Mbuih Zukane is the founder of ICAD and is the initiator of the Blind Chat project, which is a project that entails digitalizing the fight against HIV/AIDS stigma and other stigmatized diseases and patients, using a mobile app, website, bulk messaging and mobile home services to the persons.I feel like we might have the right formula to keep things cool, calm, and collected. We've also had widespread success in Asia, across all industries.Hoping to replicate that [email protected] or it can go the other way. People are looking for help and information during these times.

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If you are already a member of PCB, you can subscribe to the chat list by sending a blank message with a blank subject field to [email protected]

Once PCB confirms that you are a registered peer, you will be sent a confirmation invitation to join the list.

No matter what your communication ability – deaf, hard of hearing, speech-impaired, low vision or deafblind – there’s a new way you can connect with people immediately.

Use your i Pad for instant face to face communication, anywhere - and data-free!