Andy and soil dating for real

suggests the need to validate the stalagmite record, using cave monitoring and modern stalagmites.

Cave monitoring allows us to determine the sensitivity of dripwater hydrochemistry by comparing it with; rainfall, temperature, cave p CO century) stalagmite record with historical data, however, requires accurate and precise age constraints.

First, the limitations in dating modern stalagmites are overcome by refining a dating method that uses annual trace element cycles.

It is shown that high-frequency variations in elements affected by prior calcite precipitation (PCP) can be used to date speleothems and yield an age within 2–4% chronological uncertainty of the actual age of the stalagmite.

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As stated this a policy framework for soil management that supports the reuse of excess soil for beneficial uses, in a way that protects human health and the environment.

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EXCESS SOIL MANAGEMENT POLICY FRAMEWORK Cities need attitude adjustment on soil say stakeholders Excess Soil Management: Ontario is Wasting a Precious Resource New online resource helps dig into excess soil issues Canadian Urban Institute completes project for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

"Excess Soil By-Law Tool" for use by Ontario municipalities.

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