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In the post, which Hobart-born Mr Walsh said was written in the hypothetical style of Geoffrey Robertson claimed murder and disaster is good for tourism and the economy.'Imagine I, David Walsh, go down the gallery, kill someone at random, and call it art,' he wrote.'What would happen to the Tasmanian economy?My guess is Mona would go from being well known globally to being a household word.'Disaster tourism would drive Mona to the top of the charts and Tasmania's economy would go along for the ride.'He added that although he didn't build the gallery to serve the sort of 'creepy f****' who visit Auschwitz, given the gallery's 'much-vaunted sex and death theme, the level of morbid interest would be vast.'He also noted that prior to Mona's opening, the most popular tourism destination in Tasmana was Port Arthur - 'an elegantly ruined convict settlement, but also the site of a massacre.'He also blasted much of the criticism against the show as hypocritical in the post.'If Nitsch's performance is wrong (and I've been unable to find anything but moral equivalence arguments to suggest that it might be ok), get out there and stop it,' he said.'It won't be a disaster for Tassie, since it'll just generate a few headlines and a bunch of Facebook discussion.'But stopping Nitsch won't stop me doing the sort of self-serving, status-enhancing, biologically-bound good that I do through Mona.'You should be protesting that, too.Pink Sofa is different from your run of the mill, meat market, soulless dating site that tries to get you to sign up whatever you do.

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Katja described Kevin as a 'great travel buddy' and it was only when the pair had an argument some time later that things changed.

After the row, Katja said she was in tears as she began packing to leave.

A German backpacker, who fell for a man 39 years her senior while she was travelling around Australia, has opened up about their age gap relationship Katja King, 38, who now lives in Hobart, Tasmania, met her now-husband Kevin, 77, at a caravan park when she was 27 years old.

The pair are now parents to a son, Pierre, six.'I remember the first time I saw [Kevin] like it was yesterday,' Katja said.

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