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George Kuffs didn't finish high-school, just lost his job and his girlfriend who still is in college is pregnant.

Since he can't see how he can support her, he thinks she is better off ...

Though they are the most popular students, the Heathers are feared and hated. Assuming she is dead, he rambles about his plan to blow up the school during a pep rally. in the boiler room, where he is rigging explosives. (The cafeteria scene opening Heathers was written as an homage to the barracks scene opening Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.) After a number of failed attempts to get the script to Kubrick made Waters realize the futility of the enterprise, he decided to give the script to Michael Lehmann, who then took it on with Denise Di Novi. were Jennifer Connelly, who turned down the role, Justine Bateman and Brad Pitt. Winona Ryder, who was sixteen at the time of filming and badly wanted the part, begged Waters to cast her.

Veronica has had enough of their behavior and longs to return to her old life and her "nerdy" friends. A petition he has been circulating to get the band Big Fun to perform on campus, which most of the students have signed, is actually a mass suicide note. Many actors and actresses turned down the project because of its dark subject matter. Eventually she was given the role with Christian Slater being signed shortly thereafter.

D." Dean pulls a gun on jocks Kurt Kelly and Ram Sweeney, who were trying to bully him, and fires blanks at them, Veronica finds herself fascinated with him. shows up at Veronica's house and they end up having sex outside, after which Veronica tells J. The film uses two versions of the song "Que Sera, Sera", the first by singer Syd Straw and another over the end credits by Sly and the Family Stone.He said, “I love it, I live about, you know, six blocks away from there. ” If that weren’t enough, Christian also said that he loves ‘amazing’ Kelly Ripa, which is surprising since not many in the entertainment industry have many good things to say about the petite blonde, especially after the way she treated Michael Strahan on screen.It’s one of the greatest jobs ever, so yeah, Kelly, I’m available! Kelly claimed that she was blindsided by Michael’s ‘Good Morning America’ transfer and became vindictive and spiteful to him for not telling her in advance.After a long search, it looks as though Kelly Ripa has finally found a replacement for her former ‘Live!’ co-host Michael Strahan, who left the show for ‘Good Morning America’ several months ago.